Born in 1987 in Rwanda and defines himself as a self-taught visual artist.

Since he was a child he has always felt that kind of artistic curiosity that made him look beyond reality and depict it with forms and colors prescribed by his own mind. Somehow he has always felt talented, which made him take up pencils and brushes to express himself through drawing and painting, and prove what he could achieve through creativity.

His  artistic career started in 2010, in the discipline of painting, and shortly after that he joined Yego Arts –a collective of twelve artists in Kigali – which he is running since November  2014 as a Managing Director. Before that, he had joined Urumuri Arts as an apprentice for six months.With no money to get into an arts academy when he graduated from high-school, they helped him to develop his curiosity and techniques.

Painting is more than an artistic discipline to him; it is the life he has chosen. His technique is semi-abstract, naïve, mixed media and acrylic on canvas and since 2010 he has worked with several international and local artists. This has taught him the value of dialogue and exchange through art, and sparked off in him the need to reflect upon wider social contexts and motivations of art production and consumption. The bottom line is that he has chosen to do art to express his inner self and the way he sees through his daily life circumstances as Rwandan, African and global citizen.

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