NANA Beads & Clothes is brand from Ghana that prioritizes recycling as a way of creating job opportunities and reducing youth unemployment rate in Africa. We strive to move forward the spirit of Africa by reaching out to the rural areas and communities across the African continent.

We are based in Krobo Odumase (Eastern Ghana) and we specialize in recycled glass beads products, clothing apparels, Handbags from recycled materials, batik tie and dye as well as Kente Weaving.

As a way of promoting and supporting African heritage, we partner and provide training to fellow Africans in areas of our specialty.

Since 2003 we have attended workshops and exhibitions in countries like Guyana, Netherlands, Namibia, Kenya, Nepal, Jamaica just to name a few and we have received different awards and certificate of appreciation.

Kudjo Owusu (Nana) is a native of eastern Ghana. He is the lead Designer and Trainer. As well, he is recognized in Ghana as a quality control officer in recycled glass beads. He believes in African Arts as one way of developing the African continent.

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