“What intrigues me most about the world of design is color and texture and the endless relationship they have with each other.”

Efua Hagan is a Ghanaian born designer whose creativity is fueled by her different cultural experiences. Efua is currently based in Rwanda and her work cuts across fashion and interior decor.

From her early days Efua has been drawn to exploring her creative side. She recalls tirelessly looking forward to art classes and competitions throughout her school days, particularly appreciating how they encouraged her to explore her creative side and thereafter transform her ideas into something visual, tangible and unique.

It is her passion that drove Efua to found IOLA Designs, a fashion and interior decor brand which creates versatile custom made products that combine a trendy mix of heritage and contemporary flair.

Some popular products include a range of bags that make great gifts for cherished ones, and are set to provide them with a unique and enjoyable handbag experience.

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