INCO | Fashion

Made to fit.

INCO is the first fashion brand in Rwanda of its kind to see the light of day; born in Rwanda, run by Rwandans, for Rwandans.  It combines traditional Rwandese and African styles with a modern, urban touch.

Our products range from unisex clothing to cutting edge accessories for men and women urging to experience with African traditions combined with modern, urban lines.

All of our products are produced in Rwanda in close partnerships with traditional weavers, craft makers and a tailoring cooperative made up of women.

INCO’s creations have been showcased in several other renown fashion shows such as The African Fashion Fair Nairobi 2010, The Cowboy and Couture Oklahoma 2012 and The Kigali Fashion week 2013 and 2014 editions.




Colombe Ndutiye is a Rwandese fashion designer. Driven by the passion of drawing that she developed at young age, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer, combining her traditional culture with modern designs.

In 2009, Colombe was recognized as the youngest designer at the 1st edition of Rwanda Fashion Festival that attracted fashion gurus from different African countries and Europe. Colombe was also awarded as the 2013 fashion and style Role model by the Diva Award Afrika.


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