Why sell on LUKSMART?

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Why selling on LUKSMART?

Every product designer or producer expects to see his products reaching a bigger audience and driving more sells. But selling your products to a bigger audience requires more effort and in most cases it requires the help of other talents like sales people and so on. Hiring more people means increasing your expenses and this may affect your business outcome.

In order to maximize the chances of accessing more customers and driving sky rocket sales, every seller strive to have a store where there is more shopping traffic.

Internet is changing the way everyone does business and e-commerce has proved to be the future of every business that strives to attract more shopping traffic.

LUKSMART was founded to be the Online Marketplace for African Fashion and African Arts products. We want to see African talents focusing on their talents while we focus on driving more shopping traffic for their products as well as helping in order delivery and distribution to customers.


Here are some of the reasons and advantages of selling your products through LUKSMART.

  • Get more visibility in local and global market & Start selling Worldwide.

LUKSMART is visited by customers from all over the world and our shopping traffic increases on a daily basis. By joining our marketplace, you are sure your products will get more exposure and more sells.

  • Grow your customer base and increase sells
  • Start selling online today without being a technology savvy or hiring one & Get closer to your customers

Selling online requires having a technology expertise and this may be a barrier for many. At LUKSMART, you don’t need to be a technology expert to start. We designed our portal to be easy to use and we will train and assist you until you get comfortable. You should focus on your talent and we understand that!

  • Get help with order fulfillment as a service

We understand that fulfilling customer order may be difficult and we strive to promote an excellent customer experience, that’s why we are ready to help you fulfilling your orders and allow you to focus on your talent while selling to customers living in places you’ve never landed.


  • Access professional training and enhance your business

We know that you want to acquire more skills to enhance your talent and business, that’s why we are committed to regularly organize short training from industry professionals. On top of that, we find professionals to blog about some important aspects in order to inform and educate our partners and customers.

  • A free Seller and Brand space for the first year & A competitive commission charge

All we need is your success, we believe that your success will drive our business success as well and by knowing the struggle of African talents in getting on the global market; we’re committed to use our knowledge and expertise in helping fellow Africans reaching their dreams.

Just join LUKSMART movement and let’s do this together!!

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