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Life is full of good and bad experiences but the wisdom suggest that we strive to make the best out of it and enjoys our life to the fullest.

As a kid, you have all your time, full of energy but limited means. As an adult, time starts to become an issue but you know more about your values even though it may not be easy to get your hands on some good stuff you want; like clothes for yourself, artworks to decorate your place, and some other products.

It gets even hard when the products you’re looking for is made in Africa or by an African talent. Africans have been left behind in development and access to market for various reasons but nowadays it is very obvious that Africa is rising and African talents are emerging and producing outstanding products.

Most products inspired by Africa do not reach the expected audience and that forces designers and artist to abandon their talent and follow other careers in order to feed their families.

LUKSMART was founded to bridge the gap between African talents and potential customers. Here are some reasons why one should shop on LUKSMART.

  • LUKSMART is an online marketplace that sells African Fashion and African Arts products. As a customer you find LUKSMART as a one stop shopping center that carries all you need and is accessed conveniently from your computer or smartphone.
  • Products from different sellers are found in one place where a customer can process secure transactions in user friendliness. This gives a customer a wide selection of products and brands to choose from.
  • Product is delivered to you wherever you are in the world. You buy the product on the same price as where the product is originally made and we can ship it everywhere in the world. Just tell us where you want it!
  • Fair traded products are the only ones sold on LUKSMART. All products are sold on the Seller’s price without any unfair cost of a middle man.
  • Quality products produced by emerging designers and Artist. LUKSMART helps its sellers to raise the quality of their products continuously and control the guarantees of customer satisfaction.
  • A purchase that makes a difference, LUKSMART partners/sellers work with their local communities and they work with people in need of improving their lives.
  • Customer peace of mind as LUKSMART will retain the money of your transaction and only transfer the money to the seller after you (customer) have received the product purchased.
  • Excellent customer service as LUKSMART team is always available to assist its customers in different ways.


I can go on and on with the reasons of proudly shopping at LUKSMART but I can’t stop with mentioning that by shopping at LUKSMART, you are making a smart move and you are looking smart while contributing to the economy of African communities and Africa is general. LUKSMART is on a mission of connecting African talents from each corner of Africa and bringing them to one place for the customer convenience and outstanding experience.

Happy shopping!

Web Admin
Web Admin


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