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In recent years, African fashion has seen an exponential increase in popularity across the world. These days, it’s common to spot celebrities wearing clothes or accessories with an African fashion touch.That kind of high end fashion made people realize the potential creativity in African designers, not only from an artistic perspective but also as a business opportunity. The later was the main drive behind the grooming of a business idea that later gave birth to an online market place that strive to connect African fashion designers and artist to the rest of the world, and vice versa.

LUKSMART is mainly an online platform and marketplace that provides African fashion designers and artists access to the international market and exposure of their products worldwide. LUKSMART promotes and professionally distributes and delivers quality African inspired fashion and arts products to customers around the world.


LUKSMART is jointly owned and operated by LUKSMART Boutique registered in Ontario, Canada and headquartered in Canada’s national capital Ottawa and LUKSMART Ltd which is registered and headquartered in Rwanda.

LUKSMART leverages technology platforms to reach a large number of customers and potential customers. As technologist and entrepreneurs, LUKSMART team is using technology to bridge the gap seen in African fashion and arts industry. As traditional online shopping dictates, LUKSMART is accessible through the online portal www.luksmart.com from any device connected to the internet. 

As a company founded and operated by young Rwandans, LUKSMART first looked at partnering with young Rwandan fashion designers and artists. This was made possible by the company’s presence on the African soil which is located in Rwanda and registered with Rwanda Development Board (RDB) as LUKSMART Ltd.

In order to fulfill its mission, the LUKSMART team is working hard on partnering and connecting designers and artist from each corner of Africa. As LUKSMART team; “We want African designers and artists to focus on their creative talents, while we use our knowledge and expertise to deliver their products worldwide.”

As part of the company’s commitment to contribute to the development of the fashion and arts industry in Africa in general and in Rwanda in particular,through the company’s operations, foreign currency is sent to African countries. This results in increased productivity and growth for local businesses and contributes to the overall well being of fellow Africans.

LUKSMART’s fundamental culture is based on a strong belief in the capacity of African youth to achieve higher goals, especially considering multiple success stories we’ve seen in the past. When given the proper resources, Rwandan young entrepreneurs can be major players in Africa's transformation.

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